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Game introduction

Darkmoon Realm is a fantasy RPG for browsers and mobile with fully automatic and very simple gameplay.Join with millions of players worldwide and seek your destiny, while enjoying the benefits of offline progression. Can you become the best warrior in the world?

Story Background

“Darkmoon Realm is a unique hunting experience. You are summoned to a world of  fantasy and wonder, full with endless challenges, massive boss fights, Arena combat, and Dungeon challenge. Hunt demons, gain loots, increase your rank and save the land from chaos. Choose to become the leader of a Guild, or play by your own. No matter what you decide, in Darkmoon Realm, a new adventure awaits.”

Game Features

-【Divine combat, feverish and exciting 】

Unique battle system, let you experience a unique battle texture. Hundreds of BOSS challenges, and friends from all over the world to kill the BOS and fight for territory !

-【Offline play ,Never stop your benifit】

When you close the game, you can still get benefits, gold, equipment, and when you come back, your backpack is full. Your character and partner will fight for you and experience and resources will be delivered to you automatically.

-【Multiple customisation, perfectly matched everything】

A variety of ways to customise your character. Choose your own class, equipment, wings, costume, title, partner and even your protector. Forge, enhance and enchant your own equipment. Equipment not only boosts stats, but also style and aspect

-【Cultivate partner, increase battle rate】

Choose your own partners and cultivate them to make them more powerful than ever!

Each one has its own traits, skills, forms, and attacks. Find items to evolve your partners

and increase their power. They can offer a huge advantage in battle!

Here the law of the jungle rules – kill or be killed! Even the gods will serve you if your power is sufficient. Only the strongest can decide who is worthy to live in this world!